Sunday, August 21, 2011


God has a journey for all of us. Some of those journey's are fun and filled with excitement and adventure. Some journey's you encounter with fear and trembling. I have learned and am continually reminded that my loving Heavenly Father is with me each step of the way no matter what Journey I may be facing at any given moment. There are so many Godly people that have walked the path of life and experienced the joys and fears that I have. Many have gone on to be with their loving Abba Father that got them through the good and tough times. I am so grateful that they chose to expose their paths for all to see and share what God brought their way to get them through. I am continually stretched to trust in God's character. To be pushed to let go of my white knuckle grip on what I have absolutely no control over. To see and believe that God does cause all things to work together for His good to those who love him and are called according to His plan. (Romans 8:28) Even our failures are apart of the "all things" in this verse...can I get an amen! I am learning to trust in God's omnipotence. For there are times when I have wandered away from Him and what a lonely and miserable time that was. So, when I see others that have wandered far away from His grace, I hurt for them and I pray even harder that they will return to the wonderful, matchless love of Christ. I'll close with a poem I read in a book by Ruth Graham.
Fleeing From You

Fleeing from You,
nothing he sees
of Your preceding
as he flees.

Choosing his own paths
how could he know
Your hand directs
where he shall go?

Thinking he's free
---free at last---
unaware that Your hand
holds him fast.

Waiting for darkness
to hide in the night,
not knowing, with You
dark is as light.

Poor prodigal!
Seeking a "where" from "whence"
how does one escape

Thank you Father for loving us so much to be everywhere we are.

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jbdlee7 said...

Love it=) Sweet thoughts.